You’ve been Rondo’d

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It was with great delight that I witnessed the thorough beatdown the Boston Celtics administered to the one man gang and his not ready for prime time players.  There was much discussion between games about LeBron wanting to check Rondo straight up, and neither was a factor in the first half.  The C’s supporting cast however consists of three future hall of famers and LeBron has a creaky Shaq who is calcifying before our eyes and may be in full rigor mortis before he and the rest of the cadavers are dispatched Thursday in Boston.

The 1st half was competitive, going back and forth with the Celtics settling for a six point lead which could have been more.  Rajon Rondo was virtually invisible, but asserted his will as the 3rd quarter unfolded- Taking the ball to the rack and finding his teammates in their scoring zones.  He even knocked down some jumpers, including a shot clock beating 3 which deflated the Cavs.  It was far from his transcendent game 4 performance, but few have done what he did in that game- Ever.  Only Wilt and Oscar can boast playoff lines of 29-18-13.  He has claimed the Celtics as his team.  This team with 3 guys going to Springfield is now driven by a 6′ 1″ elastic band of energy.

Maybe I am a traditionalist old bastard, but the PA announcer chanting De-fense with piped in drumbeats in an attempt to exhort the crowd is obnoxious and tacky.  Wacky video game sound effects on missed shots or foul calls are anathema to real hoops, and makes the blowout even sweeter.

As the lead swelled to 16 in the third the frontrunning crowd started to boo.  The angst was palpable as they sensed they could be watching the golden child for the last time in a Cavs uniform.  They started streaming for the exits with 6 minutes leaving a half empty barn.

LeBron is alot like Peyton Manning- Tons of MVP’s and regular season accolades yet unable to bring home the ultimate prize when it matters most.  Unless you count a tepid effort vs. an awful Bears team. Wings@RollinSD.com

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