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Padre Fans,  Here is my report after GM meetings!

Either you are with Jed Hoyer, aka Jedi, or you do not believe.  I am with him; I think he is very sharp, evaluates talent, not emotional but intelligent, and wants to win.  Buddy Black and Darren Halsey as well as the Padres instructors/coaches are first rate for the first time….Now they need a quality farm system to pipeline players because they currently, don’t have the $ or players in place.  Picking up Bartlett, a proven shortstop, was a biggie yesterday.  Picking up 3 prospects was the smart thing to do long term although, I would have insisted on 1 player that could help this year.  Maybin is one of the best defenders I have seen and I watched Kenny Lofton come up with Cleve as well as all the great ones.

So, Padres are making good moves to shore up their defense as Maybin is twice as good as Gwynn and Bartlett has twice the range of Tejada….we must have dynamic double play combos with D up the middle.  Cabrera is not ready so they will go after Hudson, Feliz, or make a trade.  Pitching, pitching, pitching at Petco – Padres need to develop 5 key skills – hit with power, speed/running, defense, hit with people on base.  We already have Blanks, Veneable, Tate, Headley, and Maybin that can evolve into  players that can hit 300, 20-25 hr, 80-100 rbi, steal 25-30, and play all star defense.

Padres long term rotation of Latos, Richards, Stauffer, and Kelly is very impressive with Luebke and Moseley having real potential.

For 2011 Padres,

Gone-Gonzo, Garlan, Yorvit, Eck, Tejada, Ramos, Mujica, Russell, Webb, Gwynn

Added-Maybin, Mosely, 3 prospects with Kelly potential SP, Bartlett

Outfield-Ludwick LF, Maybin, CF, Veneable or ?RF

Infield-Headley 3b, Bartlett SS, Cabrera 2b, Blanks or Veneable or ? 1b

Catcher Hundley and ?

SP-Latos, Richards, Stauffer, Harang, Mosely with Leblanc and Luebke on deck

CP-Bell, 8-Adams, 7-Gregorson, 6-Frieri, with a group of wannabes

Payroll is still only 27M so they are going to add another 15M which means 3-4 players

Needs:  Proven 2b and 1b per Petco requirements of fast, strong defense, and team player

Relief and or Starting Pitching and a catcher.

There is a Bosox rumor- Ellsbury and their switch hitting Catcher for Bell

Dodgers are clearly the best team in the division right now followed by the Giants, Rockies, and finally the Padres with Dbacks at the bottom.  For the Padres to win, they must have pitching.  I know that as I look for the Padres to make another move for an arm and defense, (as putting runs on the table will be tough with no power hitters), we will have to rely on speed on basebaths to manufacture runs.

I think the next key is 2b that fits profile and then ideally, 1b/C that can hit.  Nobody is going to trade a stud SP so we must start developing now.  The Padres have proven that a manager with a pitching coach background is imperative to a pitching friendly park.  The Pads should be  a 500 club this season, but last year we didn’t think they would be as good as they were either.   -BA

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