X-Men:First Class Review by Xtra Butter

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X-Men: First Class

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Can we ever get enough superhero movies fellas??? The answer is simple. HELL NO!

Ask yourself the question…Would you rather spend two hours watching a movie where the boy gets the girl at the end, OR would you rather spend two hours watching a movie where mutants fly around and lift submarines out of the ocean? Nuff said.

 X-men: First Class provides numerous scenes of mutants showing off their powers. From the simple mind tricks of Professor X to the dramatic final battle sequence, the special effects throughout the movie were clean and well done. And don’t think this is just one of those heavy special effects movies with little or no story, because the story and plot of the entire movie was well constructed.

My favorite mutant character of the movie was Azazel, played by English actor Jason Flemyng (Snatch and Clash of the Titans). His make-up, costume and complete character look is BAD-ASS! I really wished he had more screen time and lines (He mostly nods and says one liners), but the one scene where he takes out an entire security team at the CIA headquarters is memorable.

The star mutant of the film was Magneto, who is played by German born actor Michael Fassbender.  It was nice to finally see the young “I’m going to fuck you up” Magneto and not some old “about to kick the bucket” grandpa Magneto. Fassbender takes up the role with solid results and gives the villain a much needed facelift.  Keep an eye out for the scene where Magneto picks up an entire submarine out of the ocean. It was one of those film moments where you watched in awe. Awesome!

Although Magneto may be the main attraction, Professor X played by Scottish actor James McAvoy is the glue that keeps the story together. McAvoy is charismatic, smart, witty and wise in his portrayal of the young Professor X. Out of all the cast members, I think his acting is the most notable in the film as it was consistent and well executed. Kudos Mr. McAvoy…kudos.

Kevin Bacon plays the fairly unfamiliar villain “Sebastian Shaw” in the movie. Now it’s hard to hate on Kevin Bacon with him being one of my favorite actors, but I will say at times in this movie he felt out of place in the cast. It might be around the time he had to rock the goofy Magneto helmet, but he just seemed out of place in the X-Men universe. Nonetheless, good Ol’ Kevin Bacon did a good job and must have taken some serious linguistics classes because throughout the movie he speaks around four languages including German and Russian. Not missing a beat Kevin Bacon nails the dialogue like a natural born citizen from the respective countries. I knew he was a good actor, but dang I never thought I would see the day he was cast as a Nazis that speaks perfect German. Steppin up!

There’s also a pleasant surprise for past X-Men film fans with a cameo by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The cameo scene was short and sweet, but pretty damn funny. On the subject of continuity with the other X-Men movies; Matthew Vaughn only has at best, followed a basic sense of continuity, not a strict sense of continuity to the other movies. He seemed more focused on telling a good story than nit picking details to fit them in with the other X-movies. It pays off and as a result X-Men: First Class is up there with X2 as the best X-movies to date.

What’s a movie without some quality female talent? Now, I’m not talking about acting chops here people. I’m talking about “DAMN” she’s fine…T…A…L…E…N…T, Talent!  X-Men: First Class does not fail to deliver in this area either. January Jones plays bad girl Emma Frost, and believe me when I tell you, she has a RACK to die for (hot pic).  Legendary rocker Lenny Kravitz daughter Zoe Kravitz, plays Angel Salvadore (hot pic). Angel is a dragonfly stripper chick that flies around and spits lava-type acid. She was actually the least impressive and my least favorite character of the entire movie.

The movie was pretty long in terms of superhero flicks with a running time of 132 minutes. At times I did feel like it dragged through the middle of the movie, but if you’re like me and love the stories behind these characters you won’t mind the extra minutes. So sit back, relax and go watch X-Men: First Class. You’ll get to see Magneto be a badass, and with a good story and variety of mutant powers on display, it is the quintessential summer movie.   ~Xtra Butter

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