World Record Kayak Waterfall Decent

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I am all about getting a rush and pushing the limits.  I was down watching the Supercross this past week and loved watching the racers jump and push the limits,but that is controlled and calculated.  They are not just doing things that make no sense. I have never gone white water rafting, but have had my fair share of river trips and tubing with a 30 pack of beer. That is my idea of a good time and is as much excitement as I need.  I did go rafting in Tahoe a few years back for a buddies bachelor party;  there were no crazy drops but I still was not too excited about it. It was rough enough to make me spill my beer and that was too much.  I have heard that people who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge die, not because they drown but because of the impact of hitting the water so hard.  So what the hell was this guy thinking?  What is under the water fall?  Did they test it? What if there are a shit load of  big ass rocks right below the water?  What does he get for kayaking off the Palouse Falls in Washington?  A big million dollar sponsorship?  I don’t think he received anything but a pat on the back.  This just does not makes sense to me.   Why would he do this? To hold the world record? That would be like holding the world record for eating the most jalapenos in an hour.  Who the hell cares and your ass is going to burn like hell the next day. Crazy video though.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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