Women Wakes Up In Coffin

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Let me start by saying, I know that RollinSD is not the best at reporting the news and making its stories concise and clear.  I tend to ramble on and on when I write, we know this but I just don’t get this story.   When I think of Brazil, I think of women who are hot as hell with sick asses and great accents.  Now I am going to think of Brazil and feel confused. I have read this short article a few times and still don’t get it.

The title of the article says the lady was declared dead and then woke up 2 days later in a coffin.  What the hell was she doing in there? Was she sleeping through the wake and funeral and then woke up as she was being buried?

Or was she pronounced dead and then woke up in a coffin a few hours later in a funeral home like the first sentence of the article says?  If this is the case, they work real fast in Brazil.  From dead to in a coffin and in a funeral home in a few hours?

Then the 2nd paragraph says she died two days after the incident. So she was dead or faking dead or asleep and woke up in a coffin 2 days later or 2 hours later and then died 2 days after that?  What?  Who’s on first?   How do they get her in a coffin that quickly in a funeral home?   Was she locked in and someone heard her knocking or yelling to let her out? What was she doing while they were loading her into the coffin?  I don’t know about you, but I am really confused and now need a beer.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com See article below.. this writer will definitely not be winning any awards for this coverage.

Brazil Woman Declared Dead Wakes Up 2 Days Later in Coffin

Published December 26, 2010

| Associated Press

SAO PAULO –  Brazilian police are investigating the case of an elderly woman who was declared dead — only to wake up hours later inside a coffin in a funeral home.

The 88-year-old woman died two days after the incident and police in Minas Gerais state want to know if poor medical care and the misdiagnosis contributed to her death.

The O Globo newspaper, citing a press release from the Ipatinga mayor’s office, says doctors thought Maria das Dores da Conceicao died Wednesday afternoon. She awoke inside the coffin four hours later and was rushed back to the hospital.

The mayor’s statement said she died Friday. It did not give a cause, but said she suffered from hypertension.

Calls to the Ipatinga hospital, police and mayor’s office were not answered late Sunday.

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