Whole Foods Parking Lot

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My boy CP sent this one in knowing my love for Whole Foods.  I go to Whole Foods once or twice a week for a healthy lunch and this video song nails the place. The spots are tiny and people take their sweet ass time getting in and out of their cars.  I have sat there for 5 minutes watching some fat shit unpack their tiny shopping cart and they keep looking at me and start going slower and slower.  Parking at Whole Foods is always an adventure on its own.So you finally park your car and then you need to make it by the people out front with their clip boards trying to get you to sign some petition.  Every once and a while you find a hottie out front with giant melons so you actually stop o talk to her about what she is trying to get you to sign up for. You stare at her amazing rack for 3-4 minutes and finally sign your name and then head in for the adventure.  Again the purpose of going there is to buy some healthy food and have a nice lunch.  For those who have not been there you need to check it out.  You will end up buying a 2 lb salad, 3-4 meatballs, a slice of pizza and then something  you have never heard of that is made of seaweed.   What starts as a good thought and supposed to be a healthy and stress free lunch turns into you being pissed at someone in the parking lot and then spending $22 on lunch and eating every bit of it. Then sitting at your office feeling like you are going to puke because you just at more than the guy from Man vs Food.  Either way I still go there twice a week and now with this song and video in my head I will probably head there now.  Enjoy it Rollers.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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