Who is Tougher?

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Ok, my video player is messed up.  I just want to know who you would take in a fight.    I am not sure just yet, but know either would absolutely kick my ass.

This guy is the typical meatball. Walks up in his stupid wrestling sweat suit and beats up kids that are just learning to roll a joint. Why the fuck didn’t these kids just stay down and pretend they were dead, I don’t know.  Almost makes me think it is fake. I love some of the body slams and kicks to the face, but with all the abuse he dishes out,  they keep getting up.

Fight #1 Video

Now this guy is the silent assasin.  He is just talking and not even really the agressive one.  Finally he snaps and the guy gets to take a 20 minute nap.

Fight #2 Video


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