Who Do You Want To Have Your Back?

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What would Spring Break be without a bunch of drunks flexing their muscles and getting into fights?  Here are two classic SB fighters, both completely different. 

#1  The Silent Assasin:  He doesn’t say shit and takes on all.  SA takes guys down with one punch, goes to the next, takes him down then goes back and kicks the first guy.  I don’t think he said a word the whole time; he does have a little help though.  Check out  the little puss in blue –  he takes his elbow to the guy’s head after he just got up and then runs away down the hall. When he comes back, you can see he took a punch to the right eye a few nights before.  The SA didn’t burn 5 calories in the fight and stood there welcoming more challengers.


#2 Free Swinger:  This guy comes out of nowhere to punch Slick in the face and barely takes him out.  (who would wear a shirt with Slick on the back?)  His buddy helps take out the other guy and must throw at least 15 punches. The kid he is beating on looks like he is hurt but not that bad.   

  Silent Assasin or Free Swinger – send me your vote on who you want in your corner Iceberg@RollinSD.com 

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