Which Is More Impressive?

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Watch both videos and you decide.  It was a tough decision and  I will give you my report card after the 2nd video.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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Excitement of video – after 45 seconds of the balancing act I was nodding off. I can only imagine how much shit my wife would give me at one of those shows. I would be talking the whole time, making comments and it would not be a safe place for me.  Think of the excitement for the people watching the elephant trick.  Their backs are to the jungle and at any time, a lion or tiger could come out and eat them.  Elephant wins this one.

Execution –  this one is tough.  Although the balancing act was amazing there were a few times when the guy is bent and his posture was off a bit.  That elephant nailed every one of it’s tricks and was in perfect position and posture at all times.  Elephant wins this one.

Engaging-  both were engaging but again I think the elephant wins here also.  You kind of know what the balancing act is going to do next- some crazy think you couldn’t even think of in your sleep without getting hurt.  The elephant however, at any time,  could have shot water out of it’s nose, sat down for a peanut break or bent over and taken a 200 lb dump all while not missing a beat.  Elephant wins this one.

Difficulty –  Again the balancing act was very difficult, but they had years of training, perfect gyms, diets and were born very flexible and strong.  This elephant was taken out of the wild.  Maybe beaten a few times in the legs with pipes so it would do the right thing.  Did you see how wobbly that basketball hoop was. It was moving from side to side when he dunked.  It took amazing concentration to time the dunk.  Elephant wins this one.

Danger –  At any given time the balancing act could have fallen over.  The girl could have fell 6 feet and bumped her head.  The pussy guy had to wear a neck brace and they brought out a spotter to add some drama and make it look more difficult.  The elephant could have stepped on the guy, punted the guy like the soccer ball, picked him up with his trunk stuffed him in his ass and used him as a human enema.   Elephant wins this one.

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