Which Is Crazier?

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First one starts off a bit slow but then, at 37 seconds, the one kid attacks and throws a pussy punch.  At 41 seconds in,  the group just explodes!  I have watched it 15 times and still don’t know what happened.   I just played 3 strings of Wii bowling and still can’t make the pins explode like that. Can someone please explain what the hell happened??  The entire thing is just chaos and your typical group fight cheap shots are thrown.


This next one is just some lunitic beating a guy sitting in the front seat.  Real fair.  The guy probably had his seat belt on and the other guy is just throwing haymakers at him and pounding on his face.  I will admit that when the guy gets out of the car, the other guy does give him a good kick to the chest and slams the door on him pretty good. He was for sure hurting the next day.  Then, all hell breaks loose and I get confused again.  Seriously.  Watch it 5 times and you still have no clue where these people come from or go.  Fuck, group brawls are messed up.  I love the comentary by the guy though – so serious and deliberate.  Good thing I am too pretty to fight.  Which do you think is crazier? Iceberg@RollinSD.com 

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