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What Do Dads Really Want?

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I read TMTML’s post and couldn’t resist a follow up, so here goes…..

We had friends over the other night to watch the Lakers whoop down on the Celtics one final time, (that’s right, I’m a Lakers fan even being a transplant!) and I overhear my boyfriend’s buddy bitching about Father’s Day.  Let me start by saying, this all started because I gave my boyfriend a pass and told him to do whatever he wants on Sunday;  he has been hunting someone down for a simple round of golf to no avail.  The conversation couldn’t have been more stereotypical and went something like this, ‘I can’t go dude, my wife has me getting up early to go to her parents house for brunch, then we have to go to my Dad’s house for an afternoon BBQ.  What about me?  What about me wanting to do what I want to do??”

Back to TMTMTL’s post today – I did get to do exactly what I wanted on Mother’s Day, I went wine tasting with a big group of moms!  We get home and dinner was waiting, it was great!  So, why don’t we let them to do whatever they want on Father’s Day??  Why do we feel the need to plan and/or force them in to yet another family day?  In defense of all the wives/girlfriends out there, I know it’s not intentional; we think we are doing something nice for our men.  I am by no means the perfect girlfriend, (pretty damn close though!) but I do try to remember, this isn’t about him not wanting to be with me or the kids. It’s about him wanting the same courtesy he gave me; being allowed some time to do what HE wants with no thoughts about the kids, coaching, work, watching his language or catering to me.  Incidentally, I came across this link – and according to this poll, the other thing they do want is….drum roll please…!  When don’t they want that? Men really are that simple. It is his day, give him what he wants!

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