What Being Lucky When A Roadside Bomb Goes Off Looks Like

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Thankfully most of us will never know what it looks like, sounds like or smells like to have a roadside bomb go off while driving by.  Late last night, it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and they have his body in US custody. I am hoping now the US can get many of it troops home.  This has been going on for too long and with Bin Laden and maybe we can put an end to this.  I am assuming it will be like a snake that you cut its head off of.  It will still wiggle around for a while and the head can actually still move and open its mouth, but soon it will stop and just die.  We can all hope that killing on of the wolds most evil men will put an end to this war.  For those of you who think you have it tough just watch this video.  Our troops have to live with this everyday and never knowing when something like this could explode.  God Bless all of the US Military troops.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

[hana-flv-player video=”http://rollingsd.com/wp-content/uploads/Gary-WhataRoadsideBombLooksLike1.flv” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” clickurl=”http://rollingsd.com/wp-content/uploads/Gary-WhataRoadsideBombLooksLike1.flv” /]

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