Whale Lands On Boat In South Africa

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I know this is news from last week, but people are still taking about it.  They are saying that they are just happy the whale was able to swim away after the accident.  I am all for animals and keeping them safe but to be honest, the last thing I thought about after seeing this was, I wonder if the whale is ok?  Seriously……. I immediately thought how the hell didn’t that boat sink after a 40 ton mammal landed on it?  How much was the boat?  Are the people ok?  Are there sharks in the water if the boat does sink?  Seriously, how does this boat not sink?  Those are the things I was thinking!  If I had designed/built this boat I am using this video in my next commercial.  Built so tough a whale can land on it and you can still sail away. I have a ton more questions running through my head and none have anything to do with the whale being ok.  First video if of the whale landing on the boat, the second if of the boat and information and the 3rd is of a poor guy who got in the way of a Killer Whale.  I wonder if people are asking if the killer whale is ok?  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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