Westboro Church vs Mississippi Rednecks

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The military funeral of Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, who gave his life defending his country’s ideals, in Afghanistan went off without a hitch in Brandon, Mississippi Tuesday. Well, almost without a hitch. Everything was fine unless your car had a Kansas license plate or you were from Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka. Westboro Baptist Church is well known for it’s oh so non-christian belief that since God hates gay people, therefore God also hates America, and it’s military. These congregates make it their holy mission to protest spouting the foulest things at the families of fallen heroes. They are “glad” and “happy” that these men and women died, saying it was God’s will they should be for protecting gay rights abroad. The first in a long series of hitches in attending this funeral happened two days before the April 19th funeral when one churchgoer from Kansas allegedly was spouting his hate filled message at a gas station in Brandon. Which promptly brought down an Immaculate ASSWHUPPING’ on him; yeah verily I say unto thee. Although a large crowd had gathered to watch the event, when questioned by Brandon Police, no one could describe the assailant and most said they’d never even seen a thing. The next hitch came the morning of the funeral when the Westboro Gang tried to leave their motels for the funeral only to find their vehicles blocked by a large pickup truck bearing a Rankin County license plate – and every car bearing a Kansas plate was blocked throughout the town. When police were called to help remove the blockage problem the towing companies in town where all backed up and took nearly 5 hours to get to the first call from the police. Although some of the hate mongering congregation did make it to the funeral, they were promptly rounded up by the Brandon Police department for “questioning” in the earlier ASS WHUPPIN’ crime and “questioned for over two hours or until the funeral was over, which ever explanation can be used that floats your boat – hitch #3 and last one. Although the Patriot Guard, that biker group that attends each and every military funeral in the United States since Westboro started its hate campaign, did show up, they were impressed at having only to serve as an unofficial honor guard, instead of being the buffer between the religious group and mourners. Rumors abound that every car bearing a Kansas plate heading west after the funeral was pulled over along the highways and byways until the Mississippi border. ~Jim Garrett

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