Wayward Sons Live At The Belly Up

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RollinSD was lucky enough to sit down with the members of Wayward Sons last weekend.   We are going to take you behind the scenes with our interview and let you know what really makes this bad ass band tick.  For those of you who have not heard of Waywards Sons, please come out from whatever rock you have been hiding under and join us on June 4th at the Belly Up to see these guys put on a show you will not soon forget.  Buy your tickets now before they sell out  TICKETS .

Check out this interview and video and we will see you on June 4th at the Belly Up.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Where did the name of the band come from?
The name Rolling Stones was already taken and we needed a name for our self titled album a few years back in ’75.
I love all the bands you cover. How did you choose the bands and the songs from each band?

Covers? We only do originals! Where does this guy get his info from? He must have heard the rumors about Journey, Queen, Styx, Foreigner, Boston, Cheap Trick all claiming they wrote the songs performed in our repertoire.

We are especially pissed at that guy Freddie Mercury, since, at one point. He auditioned to be our lead singer and obviously, we turned him down of course. Freddie was pissed, so he decided to rip off all the songs he learned for the audition, including our most recent hit, Bohemian Rhapsody, which is on our latest record, “Naked Son.” We are pursuing legal action and going after Freddie personally.

I love your stage show and you all are still so musically talented. Was it tough to get a group together like this?

Yeah, like Peter Gabriel, he takes himself way too seriously and quite frankly, Genesis sucks! We actually all get along quite well (considering the size of our…uh…egos). It took along time to find the right guys, but somehow we found each other in London, even though none of us are British, except of course Hugh Jass, the band’s front man.

What are your favorite songs to play? Each song we have has a meaning, so that’s a hard question.

Songs that push the envelope right into the fe-mail box!

What is the ultimate compliment you could get after a show?

“Meet me at the Ramada Inn, room 515!!”

Tell me about the members of the band and their backgrounds.  And I don’t want you to to describe their cocks.…

Cool thanks for claering that up. I was going to show you a photo of mine.

  • Hugh Jass (Lead vocals) – Welsh native whose five-octave range and brash persona transformed this eclectic, introspective band of musicians into an arena rock juggernaut.
  • Moe Lato (Bass and backing vocals) – Former male model and porn star whose thunderous bass lines hold up the backbone of the band.
  • Isaac White (Drums) – Pioneer of “Klezmer Rock,” which mixed Yiddish folk music with the power guitars of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.
  • Dab Tellum (Guitar and backing vocals) – Ex Jethro Tull lute player and famous botanist whose bad mullet and swirling guitar riffs make fans weep.
  • Rik Dürscale (Keys and backing vocals) – Former Swedish masseur whose oily smooth hands turn his keyboard into musical bliss.

How did you come up with their names?

Our parents were nowhere near each other when we were all born, so….kind of awkward, huh?

You are a 70/80’s band so do you trim down below or do you keep them from down there? Have you moved into the 21st century with grooming? The girls need to know.

Well since it is only 1982, we are very comfortable with using deodorant and aftershaves, you know, from those funny “masculine” commercials where the men dress as sailors and whistle…but let’s just say, a pick is not just for the ones ‘fro on top!

Would you rather have a chick with a huge rack or a perfect ass?

Who says you have to chose, right?? Does she have any sisters or decent looking roommates for Dabney, our guitar player?

Also, while on the subject of women, we heard a rumor that once your guitar player, Dab Tellum, had a ménage a trios with the Wilson sisters of Heart and that it later became the inspiration for the song “Barracuda.” Is this a rumor or can you share the real truth?
No comment. Dab certainly has had some epics stories over the years however he is very quiet about them publicly. Actually to hear most of these stories, you can buy his autobiography, “Bad Mullet…My Life As An Arena Rock Guitar God Who In My Spare Time Practices The Art of Astrophysics”, set to come out in late 1984.

Who can drink more JD your band or Motley Crue?

OK, let’s set this straight. First of all, who is Mott the Crew? Is that the band who dress like girls or do you mean Mott the Hoople? And why wouldn’t they just drink Evan Williams, as it goes down smoother and it costs less?  [We are sponsored by Evan Williams so we have to say this!]. So I say…Wayward Sons because we can buy 5 bottles of Evan Williams to their one bottle of Jack Daniels…Ha, take that Mr. Skynyrd (my 9th grade math teacher).

How has the show progressed over the years? Have you added more bands and also more songs?

Umm, more songs yes, we write on the road and are constantly inspired by our muses in every port of stopover. So hopefully down in San Diego there are some loose girls hanging around who are on the portly side!”

The bands you have chosen to cover are all different in many ways. How did you pick these bands/songs?

HEY, I thought you said this guy has seen our show? It’s like he never heard of us. We ARE the innovators of Arena Rock! Maybe you should come see us at Belly Up on June 4th”?? We promise it will be a life changing, perhaps even a sex changing, experience for you!

Tune in next week for the rest of the interview, more photos and more video of this Kick Ass Band.

John is a badass motha fucka

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