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I was forwarded this video from a reader, Brian.   This is crazy to watch. I know times have changed a ton!  When we were kids we could ride in the back of pickup trucks, sit in the front of a car with no seat belt on and even put lead paint chips in our cereal.  Just watch this and see what the old race car drivers used to do.  Granted these cars are not going 200 MPH, but still these guys let it all hang out and had no protection. ~TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

The link below is a film compiled of vintage auto racing accidents from the late ’20s with Bugattis, Millers, Maserattis, and Bentleys, up through the ’30s and ’40s dirt tracks, and up to about about 1955, in the case of the Mercedes team at LeMans, and the Jags, Allards and MGs mixing it up after the war. It is about 4 minutes long.

There is an old saying that “There are old race car drivers, and there are bold race car drivers, but there aren’t many old, bold race car drivers.” I think this explains why. Before the days of safety devices of any kind.

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