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Vegas Road Trip With RollinSD’s Tony Fantano

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Las Vegas was wild as always and made our mark and brought the ruckus.

2/25  12:00pm Meet up in Temecula, packed up the Cadillac, and took to the road on the way to Vegas.

1:05pm Speeding along the 15 north passing la pipa and listening to some MJ

3:00pm Stopped a In and Out to get some grub. In the boonies everything was a dollar more compared to SD prices. The fro was making some waves around these desert folk.

4:20pm Passed the pipe around for one more hot box before we crossed the Nevada border. Stuck my head out the window and howled at Buffalo Bill’s

4:51pm Pulled off the 15 onto Blue Diamond Rd. hitting the home stretch. Vegas get ready baby.

6:09pm Moved into our spot at Cancun Resort in Las Vegas. Got settled and passed the binger around. Began the preparations for the Vegas stroll. We are all ready to party and the chic we brought is stoked about the jets in the tub…

7:00pm Hit the strip and the walk was booty city. So many hot chicks dolled up for a night on the town.

8:33pm Got to Excalibur and started betting… I put $20 down on the Aztecs to beat BYU as well as another $20 on the Padres winning the pennant in 2011. Squandered some money on roulette than more money on some slots… never gonna make that mistake again.

9:00pm Our table got called at Dick’s Last Resort and the debauchery began. Jack and coke, to miller lights, and a pitcher of some sweet heavy beer maybe Blue Moon. The point is that we were buzzing hard.

9:30pm Some chick made us sexual suggestive balloon hats. I ended up walking out of Dick’s with five balloon dicks tied to my fro

11:00pm The strip got blurry and the fat chicks started to look good. We got back to Cancun before the night got to out of hand.

2/26 10:00am Got up ready for an Aztecs win… The Montezuma Monster was going to make me some money at Cesar’s Palace.

1:00pm Aztecs lost and so did I. We learned that Kawhi Leonard needs to step up and throw the team on his back to lead them to the promised land.

1:30pm Went to Excalibur’s buffet and stepped bravely into white trash America. The food was filling but did not have soul.

3:00pm Went back to the room for a siesta and to get ready for Club Koi the Ultra Lounge in Planet Hollywood.

9:30pm Got the RollinSD hook up (thanks Lourdes) and brought the ruckus over to Club Koi. After a jack and coke, a white Russian, and a seven on seven, I hit the dance floor with some fury and started to cut some serious rug.

10:00pm Club Koi started to fill up but the bartenders stayed loyal and served me up drink after drink. The lounge was awesome. Koi was a giant circle with intimate little areas where you could get busy with a significant other. Around the corner from the bar was a balcony where you could look over the entire casino floor. Everyone was friendly especially the women. The DJ played a lot of early 90’s hip hop and it kept the mood up and the party going. The chicks were easy-going and simple to approach but I kept on getting cock blocked by their boyfriends.

2/27 1:00am After my eighth Jack and Coke I got a little belligerent. We decided to head down to the casino. I didn’t know much about craps but I felt like it was my game. I was right, after putting down twenty in chips I ended up winning one hundred and decided to cash it.

2:00am We went back to Club Koi but either they were done for the night or they were just done with me for the night. We moved on and I found myself at the roulette table. I put my bet on even and when 00 came up I thought I had won. I didn’t, and my dumb luck winnings were gone.

3:00am Hit the strip and roamed around with the other drunken luck lovers. Got back to the car and on the five minute car ride back to Cancun it started to snow in Vegas. It was actually snowing in Las Vegas and once it hit the ground it melted quickly

4:20am Closed the night out with a sesh at the right time. Passed out hard in the Rollinsd club wear I had on.

10:30am Got up and rushed out of the room because our check out time was 10:00am.


We went to IHOP and I got some hangover cure: biscuits and gravy.

12:00pm Hit the strip for one last stroll and went to Cesar’s Palace to cash in my ten dollar win on Northern Arizona University. Took a few more pictures packed up the car and filled up the gas tank with some $3.35 unleaded (one thing that Vegas has on California)

2:00pm Stopped at the Alien Fresh jerky store and stocked up until the next time I come out to Vegas. Went to the Mad Greek and filled up on some onion rings.

3:00pm After about an extra hour of traffic and a couple more rotations of la pipa we got back to San Diego with a new appreciation of California. Las Vegas is the capital of capitalism and a place where money can get you stuff. The stuff is guaranteed to make you happy. There was a shallow vibe out in Vegas. Establishments like Club Koi and Alien Fresh Jerky keep the Vegas life stlye about enjoying yourself and partying with like-minded strangers.

By Tony Fantano

John is a badass motha fucka

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