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I am a guy and don’t like looking at other men in tight underwear ads.  I will admint I will give it a quick look over to compare my size to his but that is all.  You open some of these magazines and boom right in your face is an Armani Underwear ad witha  ripped tan guy laying on a rock with his crotch right in your face.   I don’t look at this and say Holy Shit I need to run out and buy this because this is hot and I will look just like this.  Also I love the same cologne ads in the magazines with the same photo.  What am I to think the cologne smells like balls or just a touch of ass?  Am I really going to pull up the flap and put my nose in some guys junk?  So I am watching this video and I am thinking I can relate to this.  This ad is awesome.  It even gave me a tip that  I never thought of.  I can  to put beer in my cereal when I run out of milk.  Then I think I want to be like this chick and maybe I will go out an buy some of these underwear.  So marketing and advertising departments around the US please take notes and put ads like this on my TV set.  Another tip to the ad departments, put the guy in the underwear in the womens magazines and not the mens. They will enjohy looking at them and will go out and but them for us so we can walk around with our little thimble dicks popping out, out pastey white beer guts hanging over them, but who cares you helped sell more underwear.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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