Upset Predictor- NCAA Tourney Starts Today

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Determining a potential upset in the NCAA college basketball tournament is like predicting the next sleeper stock to take over Wall St. With so much basketball to be played there are so many potential wins you can chalk up. When it comes down to the tournament’s final rounds every win will count as your office pool should be coming down to the wire.
Picking correct upsets is a keen science. My main upset predictor is dependant on the level of a team’s overall fatigue. Take an example from the Mountain West tournament. Jimmer Fredette was off point and even though he scored thirty points, he could not lead his team to the promised land. After throwing down 52 points against New Mexico the night before, Fredette was tired against the Aztecs and after the loss came down with a flu. Be cautious when picking teams who produce individual efforts it takes a team to make a run deep into the tournament.
A team’s holistic health status can be the tipping point that leads toward an upset. Fredette’s game was definitely affected and BYU got upset.
Looking into the tournament, a team like U Conn must be tired after playing five games straight to win the Big East Tournament. I am not guaranteeing anything, but not every player can always be superman. If you want to make some money betting on single games, look out for the teams that play their hearts out and win. Bet on them to lose their next game. Watch out for the hot hand but base your bets on physical battles between individual players.
As for SDSU, I will set the tone for the Aztecs approach into the tournament. I will bring my A game to the direct task at hand and only comment on one game at a time.15th-seeded Northern Colorado has a point guard who some call a “poor man’s Jimmer” in Devon Beitzel. In that case, we need to put Billy White on Beitzel, get beast mode inside the key, and put up 10+ blocks. Senior leaders DJ Gay and White lost to Northern Colorado in San Diego their freshman year. Even though they clinched Montezuma’s Revenge the next season in Northern Colorado, it is eerily fitting to be playing a West Coast team fighting to hang on to a fairy tail season. The Aztecs just need to take care of business and move onto the round of thirty two. Hopefully our Aztecs have had enough sleep and time to get acclimated in Tuscon because they our the favorites. Anything can happen in the tournament.
As my own personal idol, the hands down King of American Cheesiness, and the Original Diaper Dandy himself Dick Vitale says, “It’s March Madness Baybey!!!!!” ~Tony Fantano

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