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I wrote an article last year on July 19th  Ejections All Too Common and I would like to say that it has changed but it hasn’t. For as much as baseball players are held accountable, when will the umpires be held to the same accountability?

The thing that I hate is the fact that umpires can act like complete assholes (See This Clip) and they only answer to some secret ballet type bullshit. The only people that know they get punished are the punisher and themselves. No one else has a clue and furthermore I’m so sick of these umpires putting on a performance whenever their call is questioned. Listen I would have some sympathy if you were in a profession that didn’t expect this but you chose a profession that puts you in this kind of scrutiny. You can’t become a fireman and ask why there is so much fire. The same goes for umpires. People will question your calls so deal with it. That is in your job description. It’s gotten to the point where I feel bad for Milton Bradley. I think you guys are almost picking on him at this point.

I understand that players can be assholes. But the deal is there are umpires that seek this kind of attention. You can research it and look it up but ultimately, it comes down to this, Joe West, you and everyone in your crew are assholes. You guys need to understand that the people watching the game are not there for you but they are there for the actual game. Focus up and realize this. Nobody cares about whether you are clogging up the field or not. The best game you will ever umpire is the game where we don’t see your fat ass. You are a mockery to the game.

 To prove my point here are videos of Joe West and his crew:

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6

Video #7

Need I say more?  ~ The Truth

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