Two and a Half Men or 14 and a Half Men?

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Two and a Half Men!?  More like 14 and a Half Men.

Word on the street is that Charlie Sheen was holding out for more dough per episode of his hit TV show Two and a Half Men.  He has supposedly struck a deal with CBS to do at least two more seasons, but we don’t know at exactly how much per show.  According to TMZ he was looking for a cool $2 million an episode.  Yes, I said per show, not per season.  WTF?  Obviously it doesn’t suck to be born into a famous family.  Where would Charlie be without his old man Martin?  What the hell happened to his brother, I lost track of him after Breakfast Club.   That’s a topic for another time.   We don’t know what Charlie settled for, but we do know he was making a measly $865,000 per show up until now.  That’s just 14 and half times what you make in a year if you made say………….. $60,000.  That’s per episode mind you, …..not per year.   Not trying to bum anybody out, just put things into perspective –  that’s what I do.   The damn show is 30 minutes long,….22 minutes when you throw out the commercials.  Using the old, unacceptable amount of only $865,000 per 22 minute show, that equals just over $39,000 per minute.  How is that fair?!  He makes in 2 minutes more than a lot of people make in a frickin’ year.  The guy is not that great an actor.  If you like a show, give props to the writers.  The guy wears some cool shirts, but the socks and topsiders……….come on dude, you look like a tool from the knees down.  He pulls some smokin’ hot chicks on the show………. and probably in real life with that kind of cash to throw around.  Oh well, it is what it is,……guess I should have studied acting.  -The Financial Freak you want me to talk about something and give you a full analysis just let me know  Brian@RollinSD.com In this clip that is a minute long he says 4 words.. That is $9750 per word..

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