To Tweet or Not To Tweet- That Is The Question

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I am not sure what to think of Twitter.  Do I really need to know what everyone is doing all the time?  So my buddy is getting a cup of coffee and now I need to read about it? I could see if the information that was being sent out was useful and entertaining.  You can only sent out 140 characters so how useful can the information be?   I do think that if you follow RollinSDcom  ( no dot between the SD and com) you will enjoy it. You will get a tweet of all decent posts so you can check them from your IPhone or Droid.I have only found a few others that really entertain me.  One is PBDouchebag.  This guy is out thre but says some of the funniest random shit I have heard.  Make sure you follow RollinSDcom and check out PBDouchebag.    Here is an article on people who fail at Twitter.  Send me some good people to follow on twitter and I will and give my reviews on the site.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

By Suzanne Choney

Despite more than 7 million followers on Twitter, Kim Kardashian is considered among the top “celebrities who fail” in their use of the short messaging blog.

Writer Stephanie Georgopulos put together the celeb “fail” list for The Next Web, and it also includes John Cusack, James Franco, Amanda Bynes, Paris Hilton, John Mayer, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and of course, Charlie Sheen.

Kardashian takes a hit because her Twitter feed “reads like an E! commercial break,” Georgopulos says. “When she’s not promoting one of the thirty reality shows her ilk has squeezed out of the entertainment network, she’s promoting her perfume and her clothing line — which are both fabulous, by the way.”

Good tweeting — posts of up to 140 characters — is more art than science, and not everyone succeeds at it, of course.

Those right now who have the largest number of followers — which can change seemingly from moment to moment, day to day — are Lady Gaga, with more than 9.4 million followers; Justin Bieber, with 8.9 million; Britney Spears, with 7.5 million; President Barack Obama, with 7.4 million and Kardashian with 7.2 million. That’s according to Twitter Counter, which keeps tabs on such matters.

Cusack, “struggles to make use of spellcheck. I’m sure I wasn’t the only 20-something woman disappointed to find that, rather than Tweeting the lyrics to ‘In Your Eyes,’ Cusack’s feed consists of a series of ill-placed dashes and the ever-abused ‘ellipsis’ (…),” Georgopulos said.

On Franco: What he “lacked in creativity, he made up for with photos that painted him as a book-loving cat lady, and his 200K+ followers let him live until Franco posted a photo of himself draped in nude women. The resulting flack led to Franco declaring, ‘Social media is dead,’ and the deletion or privatization of his Twitter account just one month after he’d joined.”

Amanda Bynes’ tweets are “infantile,” including “Re-Tweeting Rebecca Black (a 13-year-old whose grammar glows in comparison to Bynes’) and choosing a candy-heart background that jars the eyes.”

Paris Hilton takes a hit for her name-dropping being “unmatched,” and how “nothing will stop her from Tweeting about how awesome everyone she knows is.”

Tweets from Charlie Sheen — who now has 3.6 million followers — “have devolved into a self-promotional cesspool. If Charlie isn’t hawking tickets to his live show or updating the public on his hunt for an intern with #tigerblood, he’s acting as an advocate for bipolar disorder awareness and abusing Caps Lock.”

And John Mayer — for whom we have no words at all, other than “not winning” — “John’s feed became formulaic and ‘safe,’ having an account lost its zeal, and John left 3.5 million followers hanging with his final Tweet, ‘What does this button do?’ in September, 2010.”

But perhaps the ripest criticism is for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of “Jersey Shore” fame, whose Twitter feed reads like a “perfect storm of self-love.”

“If his tweets aren’t reaffirming his self-worth by ‘validating’ the many female followers who beg for a Situation Shout Out, they’re boastful reminders of his multiple endorsements … the only thing The Situation inspires me to purchase is a box of condoms.”

John is a badass motha fucka

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