Tribal Seeds-Sounds From San Diego

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Keep it fresh with some sounds from San Diego. Tribal Seeds is an amazing band that has shown San Diego what living here can inspire. In 2008 they pulled a ranking with Itunes top 100 albums of 2008 with their self-titled release.  Since then they have released The Harvest an equally awesome album. The band can usually be found playing gigs up and down the coast. If you would like to catch them soon, they will be performing on Monday, February 21st at the Tribute to the Legends Festival.  Buy your tickets now  Tribute to the Legends. These guys really help build a beautiful legacy for our city.  If you have a song you love and think it should be one of RollinSD’s daily songs please email it to me with why and I might post it for you, Tom@RollinSD.com . I want to know why you like it so much and what the meaning of the song is.  I will be posting a song a day each week for the readers. ~Tom Searcy

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