Tribal Seeds At The Wavehouse

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Flying in from Austin the afternoon of the 16th of April, Through the Roots and Tribal Seeds have kicked off their Spring Harvest Tour. The venue-the Wavehouse, the time-sunset at the beach, the mood-IRIE! It was a true gathering of reggae fans spanning across the county. Old and young attended equally. A huge night for both bands, being a hometown show really brought the energy. As guests at this show they really feel like they are a part of this phenomenon. Maybe the fans didn’t strum the chords or write lyrics. But being a San Diegan and supporting them from the beginning makes fans really feel like they played a part in a larger circle.

RollinSD was present that night. We got an exclusive interview before the show. The interview covered topics like creative process, spare time activities, pre-show ritual, and more.  The show filled quickly after our interview and before we knew it the first act had gone on. The sounds of Divine Crime filled the venue quickly turning heads with familiar tunes. The female led multi-tonal ensemble cased a group of people a variety of ages and ethnicities-very refreshing. The female lead sang some reggae covers and original tunes. Steele Pulse and Bob covers always a crowd favorite but the Divine Crime band is more talented than meets the eye. The true rock steady reggae beats, percussive congas wind chime accents round out the sound. Once they cleared the stage and Through the Roots took the stage, things really got going in true San Diego style. The band played a euphoric set including songs like Best Friends, Weekend, and Top Notch. Blissful keys and rolling deep bass best describe the sound. The honest and original voice of Evan Hawkins brings hypnosis to the music. Their sound has a very relaxing familiarity to it. Once TTR had cleared the stage things, the energy continued to build in anticipation for our headliners-Tribal Seeds.

Opening with Love Psalm, the band broke everyone in the venue into song. Singing along a mass of moving bodies got the true definition of kinky reggae worked out. The entire band dancing and moving together fed off the crowd and vice versa. The love for this band filled the room. Tribal Seeds played an awesome set including songs off their self-titled ITunes top 100 album of the year and their newer album The Harvest. Songs like Away, Rasta refuse it, Warning, Vampire, and Beautiful Mysterious. The Bass played towered over the rest of the band, aptly nick-named Shamu. His presence brought a lot to the stage as his large dimensions and booming bass fit together. The opposing key boards and extra percussion add a real uniqueness to the sound. The drums are hard and solid which a lot of drummers are losing sight of these days. As a drummer myself I see more and more guys straying away from being a metronome or rhythm instrument. Carlos held it down and popped it off when the time was right. Brothers Tony-Ray and Steven Jacobo fed off each other and really brought a soul to music. Steven singing lead and Tony-Rays backing him up gave Tribal Seeds its life. The vulnerable and truthful voice projected by Steven is original and new.  The definite roots tones and influences are apparent in their music and knowledge of Rasta. The messages sung included love, truth, and unity to name a few. The Band closed with a raging version of Vampire that included flows by Shamu and Evan Hawkins. The band then returned to the stage with an encore that drove things home. The show cleared with free Tribal Seeds posters and a sense of repose. Don’t miss out when these guys get back in town. Through the Roots will be at the Typhoon Saloon in PB with Hi Roots for their cd release party on June 17th so don’t miss  that one either. ~Tom Searcy

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