Top Ten MMA Rankings-Best Fighters Pound Per Pound.

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I happy to report Mark Hominick is healing just after suffering a nasty Cephalohematoma during his UFC 129 Fight vs. Jose Aldo(see pre & post fight pics). Hominick was on the short end of a 5 round decision vs. Champion Jose Aldo but showed tremendous heart by fighting through his grotesque injury and winning the 5th round.

 THE FOLLOWING IS MY top ten ‘pound per pound’ MMA FIGHTERS 

1. Anderson Silva (1): 14-0 and 28-4 overall. Running out of opponents, rumor is GPS moving up in weight to fight Silva. It would be HUGE FIGHT but not certain GPS has enough game to beat Silva.

2. Georges St. Pierre (2): Fought gamely through eye injury to defeat Shields at UFC 129 but there are whispers that he may have lost a step in ability to finish off top ranked opponents.

3. Jon Jones (3): JON ‘BONES’ JONES injured hand has postponed his meteoric rise. He is ‘electricity in a bottle’ with his crazy spinning elbows. Rashad Evans may have to wait for Jones to heal for a crack at his belt.

4. Jose Aldo (4): young, fast and impressive but at UFC 129, Hominick may have shown people the heart & method to ultimately defeating Jose Aldo.

5. Dominick Cruz (5):coming over from WEC & UFC MERGER, Cruz is the first UFC Bantamweight Champion. Gotta come over and prove it to me or it’ll be last time on my list.

6. Frank Edgar (6): 2 wins over legend BJ PENN is enough for me to get on this list.
7. Gray Maynard (7): gray has win and a draw over Edgar with a final rematch pending. Is poised to move up the list.

8. Cain Velasquez (8):current UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION but now out with back injury. It will delay his defense.

9. Shogun Rua (NR): Recent loss to Bones Jones but I expect Shogun to avenge his loss to Forrest Griffin in Rio in August.

10. Lyoto Machida (NR): Machida showed he still has plenty of game with spectacular knock out of Randy Couture in UFC 129.

 reporting from his couch, w/remote and margarita in hand, Chip Lindgren 

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