Tony Rolls Earth Day San Diego

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Earth Day was awesome. There is truly nothing like a sunny day at Balboa Park to remind you of what is great about San Diego. We were forced to park about a mile away. We went directly toward the sound of the drum circle and stumbled upon the Hare Krishna guys by accident. Once we arrived at the drum circle, we brought some continuity to a gradually growing circle of sound.  After a two-wheeled bearded man gave me a chocolate brownie that he made special for the drummers, I had a feeling good things were coming. The Acro-yoga chics across the path were amazing to look at. After awhile, we made our way through a flurry of protesters, environmental vendors,and pedestrians on our way to the World Beat Center to find Makeda Dred. The place was packed when we got there. Where ever there was a stage, there was reggae music. We went through the center to the grass outside where there was a massive gathering of heads who were ready for some reggae. Artist after artist, they all had talent. There were international performers and local artists from San Diego. The roots reggae was alive and thriving in the gyrating bodies around the stage. Once Fidel the Argentinian performer had closed out the last song for the outside stage, the massive crowd moved inside while the sun went down. Inside the World Beat Center, Piracy and the South Bay Wailers had a collage of the all the day’s local reggae singers onstage to spit a few lines for a final finale to a rad day in the heart of San Diego. On my way out, I stopped and got a big Rasta hug from Makeda Dred. We rolled hard and I lugged my djembe drum a mile back to the car. ~Tony Fantano

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