Thursday Song Of The Day Busta’s Lament- Tribe Called Quest

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The group a Tribe Called Quest is one of the pioneers of hip-hop. They released their first album in 1990 and originated in Queens, New York. This song was sent in Mina Khavari and said this is her  favorite song because it is produced by the Ummah which consists of Q-tip, Ali Saheed Muhammad(Tribe Called Quest), and J Dilla of Detroit(Slum Village) who passed away in 2006 of cardiac arrest. She likes the sick rhymes and Q-tip’s lyrical genius. Its jazzy beat created by J Dilla is unique. This completely original piece is one of kind. Enjoy Rollers and if you have a song that you like and would like to share send it to me with why you like it and I just might add it to our daily music section~Tom Searcy  Tom@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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