Through Their Eyes

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This is a documentary of a good friend of mine and some of his friends.  Please take the time to read this and watch the trailer. This is going to be an amazing documentary when completed. If you would like to help make this documentary come to fruition you can go here  Through Their Eyes  God Bless all our soldiers for what they do and letting us live in the best country in the world.  ~TMTMTL@RollinSD.com 

Tim Haley, Ray Calhoun, and Mike Hogan began their friendship during the crossover from Elvis to the Beatles. It was junior high when they met and the boys were living in the San Fernando Valley. In high school, they played football, spent days at the beach, and dated their future wives. The 60’s were just starting and the sun was shining in Southern California.

Graduation sent the trio just up the road to Pierce College where, rather than filling their evenings with studies, the boys chose to fill up on beer and poker. One night during a game, they watched on television as protestors marched down Sunset Blvd, raging against the escalating Vietnam War. Tim, coming from a military family, took offense and convinced the boys that it was their patriotic duty to enlist in the armed services. The next morning, Tim, Ray and Mike joined the Marines.

The boys entered on the buddy system, expecting to serve in the same unit. Turns out the buddy system meant that the Marines congratulated you on having friends and then split you up. Each, at some point during the war, survived a tour in Vietnam. Each had varied experiences in different parts of the country and each returned home radically different from when he left.

So we beg the question: if you take three boys who grew up in the same area with similar ideals and send them off to war, how does that experience shape the men that they are today? How did being forced to mature so rapidly impact their every action from that moment on?

Our film reunites Tim, Ray and Mike and takes them back to the genesis of that change: Vietnam. While there, each Marine will have the chance to lead his friends through his time in country. Their senses will be in overload and their emotions on high alert as they rediscover the land and the people that, because of a youthful encounter, left a mighty impact on their adult lives. Although the Vietnam they rediscover is a new one for them, our Marines will still be walking in the footsteps of lost innocence. This is their moment to remember, to respond, to feel without fear and renew their psychological integrity. For these men, this is total immersion, a chance to be reacquainted with the boys they left back in Vietnam.

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