Through The Roots At The House of Blues March 5th

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The Through the Roots show went down Saturday night, March 5. The show was sold out two weeks in advance and there will still people at the ticket box office trying to pay their way in.  Crowds at House of Blues are always a mix, the bars are always busy, and the pit is always pushing forward. The balcony rails display silhouettes of bodies dancing amidst colorful lights. The scene at a House of Blues show is always bumping, but that’s how we do in it SD. The lineup for the night included an acoustic set played by SOJA’s guitar tech. He played an inspiring and unifying version of Bob Marley’s redemption song to finish his set. Mambo sauce a multi-tonal band from DC followed. Through the Roots set the mood with deep reggae music before introducing SOJA.

The San Diego crowd was pumped for the Through the Roots show. Through the Roots or TTR, creates an atmosphere of euphoria when they play. The mind is at ease when you hear them, ready to listen to the important message their lyrics contain. Evan Hawkins is lead vocals and guitar, Bryan Jackson on Bass, Brady O’Rear-Keys, Taylor Boatwright is Drums, and Chris Cruz is guitar/keys. The band is synched, the music is solid and original. The California style of Reggae is apparent but TTR keeps it fresh with an eerie synthesized keyboard and impressive guitaring. This hasn’t been done before;  the music has a distant far away yet homey sound. Lead singer Evan Hawkins spreads positive messages through his lyrics with a Cali swagger. We had an exclusive interview with this guy, it was great, true friend to all. San Diego’s crowd couldn’t get enough of the bands interaction with them. These guys don’t separate themselves from the people, they bring unity. The organ chords on the upbeat and driving drums create a perfect dancing setting.  If you live in San Diego, Through the Roots is a must. TTR’s roots are growing fast and they have played alongside many bands and artists including Rebelution,  Iration, SOJA, Barrington Levy, Alborosie, Talbi Kwelli, Zion I, Israel Vibrations, Tribal Seeds, and many more.

SOJA or Soldiers of Jah’s Army is a northern Virginia based group. The group is made up of Jacob Hemphill (lead vocals, guitar), Bobby Lee(bass, vocals), Ryan “Birdie” Berty (drums), Kenny Bongos(Percussion), Patrick O’Shea(keyboards), Hellman Escorcia(Saxophone), and Rafael Rodriguez(Trumpet). With four albums under their belt, they set out this year for their Everything Changes tour. Their lyrics reach people of all walks of life, with their personal themes and common struggles shared by many. They have created a world version of Reggae with many influences from other genres. Even people who say they don’t like reggae can like SOJA. Lead vocal Hemphill’s honest voice and positive style make the lyrics hit hard. Bobby Lee’s deep Rasta chants bring a tribal feel to the stage. The Bongos and congas mixed with percussive horn playing give SOJA an enlightening sound. Even the small details like a chime tree round out SOJA’s reverberation. The band played songs from their newest album ‘Born in Babylon’ along with old favorites like “Open my Eyes””Rest of My Life” and “I Don’t Want to Wait”. SOJA’s music can reach anyone so check them out.

The Spring Harvest Tour will kick off in San Diego. Headlining is Tribal Seeds and featuring Through the Roots, two San Diego bands. RollinSD will be there Saturday, April 16 at the Wavehouse, Buy Tickets Now ~Tom Searcy  Tom@RollinSD.com

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