Those Silly Mushrooms

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Growing up back East, you saw those wild mushrooms growing everywhere.  You would play baseball ’til dark on the front lawn and it would just be grass.  Wake up the next morning and find 50 mushrooms all over the yard!  How the hell do they grow so fast?  Someone needs to figure this out and make vegetables grow that fast.   There were all kinds too; the big cauliflower looking ones, the standard looking ones that we all know and my favorite, the little round ones you would step on and smoke would come out.  I should say they were my favorite…..I would have loved nothing more than to look out my window and see  a lawn full of these mushrooms.  Thanks to Jen Martone for sending them in- My old neighbor in Acton,Massachusetts. She took these in her yard.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com you have something worthy of being posted on the site?  sent it to me and I will decide.

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