Think You’re Having a Bad Day?

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This past weekend, my family and I made our traditional trip to Bates Nut Farm to buy pumpkins for Halloween.  For those of you who don’t live in San Diego, let me fill you in on this place.  It is in Valley Center and 1 hour north of the city. I don’t think it is ever under 95 degrees at this place.  You drive up and down winding roads to get there and when you finally arrive, you see a shit load of cars, tons of pumpkins and people from all walks of life.  Basically, it is a place that nobody really wants to go to, but you do it for the wife and kids.   So, this particular day, it is hotter than normal and the kids are really not into the whole pumpkin patch thing now because they are older.  We are looking for our giant pumpkin (picked out a 134 pounder) and then the kids wanted to go feed the ducks, goats, lamas, etc.  We grab a few ears of corn from the field and head over.  Now, I am an idiot for not taking a picture of this so I will try to describe it.  My oldest if feeding a goat and it has it’s head stuck through the 2nd and 3rd bar of the fence. It had to stick it head sideways to get it through because of it’s horns.  So, this goat is eating away until he’s done and then tries to pull his head back and can’t because  of the horns. I start laughing and so do the kids but my wife goes into mini panic mode.  She starts saying, “It’s going to get hurt, help it, oh my god the poor thing, help it get it’s head out!”  I look at her and say no way….. (by the way, watching this is worth the drive).  Finally, I help the thing get it’s head out and it goes off to the corner embarrassed, because the other goats were making fun of it.  What the hell does this have to do with anything?   I’ll tell you what; my wife kept saying the whole ride home that poor goat, that has to be the worst thing that could happen to a goat or any animal.  Here is my proof that it’s not…….Look a the first photo below and what do you say?  Oh shit, that would suck. Now check out the second photo. Ok Wife,  now do you think the worst thing that could have happened to the goat was getting it’s head stuck in that fence? I will show the Bates Nut Farm goat these pictures and ask what it would prefer.  TMTMTML@RollinSD.com If anyone sees my wife around town this weekend, please be sure you tell her you heard about the poor goat.   That poor little goat.

So this cow is thinking, shit I’m having a bad day, right?  What could be worse than this?  Damn this sucks, but someone will come along and help me out right.  I have all my buddies out there grazing and one will come over and help me out.  Moral of the story is if you think you are having a bad day, just think it could be worse.

Thanks to Yuuuuuuuuuunior for sending me these photos so I could tell my story.

John is a badass motha fucka

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