Think You Have Balls?

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I will preface this post with saying I am a total puss when it comes to things like this. I hate roller coasters, heights and anything with a lot of motion. I was always the kid that would be on the merry-go-round while the others were on the twister and all the other rides. Just watching this video has my stomach up in knots.  Some of these guys are just crazy.  You think you have balls? Check out these  10 sick jumps/stunts.  I want people to rank their top 5 from sickest to least.    Here are mine in order.

1.  Guy jumping from space- wtf was he thinking? I thought he would have exploded going that fast.

2.  Guy jumping out of the airplane and free falling with no chute.  What if your good old friends had an issue and couldn’t get to you?  Good thing he only took a sip of the Red Bull or his heart might have exploded.

3.  Motorcycle jump to the top of the Vegas building- I think the actual jump off the building to the ramp was sicker. If he were to catch his wheel at all, he is a splat on the sidewalk.

4.  The psycho jumping through the gap in the rocks.  What if an ant on the side of the hill farted and pushed him 3 feet the wrong way?

5.  The dudes in the squirrel outfits. This is much more calculated and they are flying, but shit, they are getting close to the rocks.

Post your comments below on your top 5 or email them to me and I will post them and the first 5 get a FREE 8 inch sub at Gaglione Bros Famous Cheesesteaks   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

PS. I am not shitting you when saying I feel stressed after watching this video and typing this crap.

John is a badass motha fucka

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