Things That Don’t Suck……

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Every year, the LSU Alumni put on the Craw Fish Boil over Memorial Day weekend.  There are 3000+ there and they bring the craw fish in live from Louisiana on a truck. The gates open at 11 and each table gets 50 lbs of craw fish, potatoes and corn.  The beer is free all day long also , which obviously doesn’t suck.   I have been going for the past few years with a small group of people and it is amazing.  It really doesn’t need to be promoted as they always sell out in under an hour.   This year, we were some of the last to leave and this is what we saw when we got back to our car.  When we arrived, there was no where to park and now this  guy.  I really thought he was dead.  Passed out cold on the pavement. Just awesome.! I am hoping this gets around  and the photo actually gets back to the guy. I thought I drank like a fish and was a mess, but after seeing this guy I feel like a pussy.  He is my hero.  Please forward to everyone in SD you know in the hopes we find this character.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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