Things/People I Can’t Stand

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Ok, you’ll hear this a lot from me, but I can’t stand this chick. What is it with her?  She kind of reminds me of Tyra Banks but with 1/10th the tits.  Every time I see her she drives me nuts; do you really think she is hot??  Her head is the size of one of the Peanuts characters and I am still amazed her neck can hold it up, and what about the forehead?  I wish I had a tv that size, damn!  I could sit back 20 ft and just kick it; it would feel like I was at the drive ins.  So, it isn’t just her looks – it is that stupid voice box music she has brought to us. Music sucks now and I blame it on her. Snoop and Lil Wayne have voice boxes in there songs now, what next, DMX barking through a voice box?  I hope not.  This girl has to go and so does the video/song. The songs lyrics are actually kind of funny, but I had to minimize my screen to really listen because that giant shiny forehead kept distracting me.   And what is up with the three feet between her pelvic bone and the bottom of her tits?  Damn she drives me nuts.  Expect more on her in the future.  Iceberg@RollinSD.com PS – just wait til’ I start in on Jennifer Aniston.

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