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These Messages Must Stop

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Rollers welcome back Amanda Jo.  She went MIA on us for a bit but is back with some real legit advice.  So read this an learn guys.

Half of my heart breaks for guys like these, but then the other half rolls it’s eyes and says get a clue pal! World, meet Lance Martin. A random, but real important “publicist” from Hollywood. Apparently these days guys think Facebook is a female delivery service?

I know guys rely heavily on the “spaghetti theory” when it comes to crap like this, (Email 25 girls, and a few have gotta bite!) However, I am overrrr generic party emails from bros who just want a million babes at their super fun parties.

I mean c’mon… do a little research, my profile says I’m born in 1983. I’m 27 and you’re wasting your precious copy and paste time by sending me these messages. Not to mention guys like you don’t even want 27 year olds on your party bus, duh. We’ve long outgrown loving boys for comped bottles and party buses and end up being wayyyy more work than it’s even worth 😉 Forget your jungle juice, I want PJ Rose, a yummy meal, my shoes to not be spilled on, a clean seat and only my friends on board. No I don’t want to stop at Typhoon Saloon, and um, can you change the music?

So fellas, lets be a little smarter, if you’re gonna harass chicks on Facebook, please harass ones whose ages correspond with your event. I’d aim for hmmm…under 21? They will at least think you’re cool still. Besides, who wants to hangout with a random off Facebook who obviously lacks his own girlfriends anyway? Not me. After the Craigslist Killer, I amallllll set on Internet peeps, and your little bus is no exception!

But hey, if you have a party bus going to Nelly’s house? That’s a whole different story… pick me up at 8!

~Amanda Jo For more of this hottie who tells it like it is you need to visit her website Hello Amanda daily.  Her insight might just make you a better person guys.

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