There Is Always a First For Everything

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Ok there is always a first for everything; this week I found myself pulling for Tiger Fucking Woods! Ever since he went pro (in what 1996?), I have rooted against him.  I didn’t care who won each weekend as long as it wasn’t Tiger.  When he did win anything, it would put me in a bad mood.  This week things have changed, now I can relate to this guy!  Before, Tiger appeared perfect and untouchable in his personal life and on the course.  He was almost not human. Now, these long affairs with porn stars and waitresses surface and all of a sudden he is just like every other guy out there. He has made mistakes and isn’t perfect.  Welcome back to the human race Tiger.

I am sick of people bashing him for what he did and then hearing people say they can’t forgive him.  C’mon!  Michael Jackson invited little boys to his house for sleepovers, showed them his junk and probably a whole lot more. How soon you forget this, you run out and have a parade for the guy when he dies. You want to build statues of him in the city.  Wake up! What MJ did was against the law. Michael Vick goes to jail for organizing dog fights, Kobe Bryant is charged with rape and Ben Roethlisberger charged twice with sexual assault.  The last time I checked these are all against the law and everyone brushed them off like they were nothing. Tiger’s antics may be morally wrong but not against the law, and you can’t forgive?

Golfers are the most boring people in the planet.  They walk around for 4 hours on the course and barely say a word to anyone but their caddy.   Real chick magnets, right? Then Tiger comes along.  He’s not the best looking guy in the world, but he is in shape and his persona is larger than life.  Tiger doing what he did this week shows me even more that he is the best golfer to ever play. Taking 4 months off and coming back to play like he did is just sick. (The only thing he really did wrong was rush the one putt late in the round to make bogey.) This week was just amazing and the rest of the golf world should be kissing his ass. They are only making the money they do because of him; this sport was dying before he came along. They need him more than any sport has needed a figure. Phil Mickelson is just a nice guy. Fuck being nice. I want an attitude on the course and if Tiger wasn’t in the hunt today people would have tuned out by mid afternoon.   All I kept thinking was if Tiger can win this, what is he going to do afterwards?  Go back to his hotel and have ambien sex with a bunch of hotties?  I do fault Tiger for one thing only- he could have at least picked hotter chicks to mess with. Tiger, thanks for making me a fan.


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