The World’s Largest Skateboard

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Once again the site is down and I am not able to upload new photo’s etc.. This totally sucks.. Well all is not lost.  I was on my way to meet a few friends for a few cold ones last night.  Let me set the mood her.  It is dark and I am driving up a winding road at a decent clip.  All of a sudden I see 3 idiots fly by me on skate boards going down the middle of the street.  This was no speed bump it was a steep hill.  They must have been going 35 miles an hour and they scared the shit out of me.  So with that being said here is a video of the worlds largest skateboard.

Most people have real jobs or should I say, jobs where we don’t have a ton of fun. Imagine sitting at your desk one day and looking across your office and saying to your assistant,  “Let’s go build the world’s largest skateboard!”   Even if you did work at a skatepark I think you would get a look like you were crazy.  Well, this is exactly what Joe Ciaglia, owner of California Skate Parks, did.  I swear this guy is a twin of my buddy Sean Brannan.

The board is built to realistic proportions. It is 36 feet 7 inches long, nearly nine feet wide and weighs 3,800 pounds.  This bad boy requires a group of people to actually ride it so they can make the turns and when too many get off you will see what happens.  Just look at how small Joe looks on this board.  When are they going to have a video tape of Shaq riding this?    Still wish he didn’t bail before it hit the jump.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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