The Tommy Bahama Padres

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When I think Tommy Bahama, I get an image of an older gentleman walking on a tropical beach in a silk button down shirt, shorts and leather flip flops tipping his straw hat while holding a Cuban cigar.  Or of a golf connoisseur swishing his whiskey sour at a country club with the sun setting far in the background.  I don’t know.  That may just be me, the typical pop cultured brainwashed me.  Either that or their ad and marketing campaigns actually work.

Tommy Bahama and baseball just didn’t seem to mix.  Maybe I’m not thinking hard enough and perhaps the brand has made these shirts for the whiskey swishing, Cuban cigar smoking box seat type of gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome the Tommy Bahama San Diego Padres shirt.  Releasing Thursday, April 27th for your retail pleasure.  Leave it to a high end brand to create their own shortage by not only making them limited (apparently they refused to make more than so many of each).  I personally choose to believe that the average baseball fanatic would rather spend $250 on booze and tickets than on a beloved button down shirt. Let’s not forget the uber cool certificate of authenticity that you get with each one.  That certainly justifies the price tag.  I hope it’s made of silk.  Or at least synthetic silk… I never understood that, I mean come on, its either silk or its not.  Call it cellulose for chr*ssakes.  I guess the word “silk” in it makes it seem fancy.

And with team availability like the Tampa Bay Rays, the Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins, all I have to say is apparently the New York Yankee fan is not one who would don a Tommy Bahama button down.  Enough said.

For any of you Pads fans who are interested, according to SD Entertainer Magazine, to celebrate the release of the San Diego Padres “Collector’s Edition” team shirt, Tommy Bahama  will be hosting an unveiling party at their Fashion Valley retail location on Thursday, April 28th  from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Guests can be among the first to pick up this one-of-a-kind shirt while enjoying the sound of live music, sample an array of appetizers and tasty cocktails.  Guests will also be entered into a drawing to win an autographed photo of Trevor Hoffman. Please phone (619) 243-8868 to secure a spot on the guest list.

At $250 a pop, someone send me a picture of you in your shirt swishing your whiskey sour at a Padre’s game – please. This is something I most definitely have to see.  Better yet, boys, wear it with you Sevens or your Trues to the club, tails tucked out and pointy leather shoes.  Put on the cowboy hat and let’s see how many drunken baseball groupies you score.  If the guy at the door tells you you’re out of dress code, flash him your certificate of authenticity.  This gets them every time.  ~Lucky Lourdes

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