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The Real Difference Between Men and Women

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If you were a guy and your girl came home like this how would you feel? I know I would feel like I just won the lottery, right?   The question is, are men and women really that different?  The answer is 100% yes.  It is amazing sometimes that we can actually live with each other. I watched this video and laughed like most of you will and then I thought to myself……..

Why couldn’t she have just hooked the brotha’ up and taken care of him?  I could be home watching sports and my wife walks in with a few girls and they want to change the channel to watch some stupid reality show(don’t get me started) and I will let it happen without running off in a huff.  I know we are different creatures,but are we not together to make each other happy?  If my wife rolled over at 5 am looking for some lovin’ I wouldn’t say to her, “are you kidding me right now?”, but why can’t women say that to a guy?  Women, when is the last time your husband told you he was too tired to fool around?  Has he ever said it even once?  I am just thinking out loud girls so don’t get mad, just think about it.  Oh, and if you husband/man is that bad in bed, you need to help him out; practice more with him and tell him what you want.  OK, back to this video – click blank space below for video- give it a few seconds.

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