The Quest for Track Stars (pussies) in the NFL

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When hiring an employee do you, A) Hire the employee who has the best background and has shown that he can do the job successfully through his references or, do you,  B) Go with the employee that should be the best by what he should be able to do all though he has never shown that he can do it on a consistent basis? The simple answer should be A correct?  Then why do so called brilliant men in the NFL not get this?

We can start with my favorite team to beat on, the San Diego Chargers. Years ago they took a young kid, who despite having any real experience playing his position showed a tremendous 40 time with unlimited athletic potential, even though he was a bit of a trouble maker. You all should remember the recent New York Jet, Antonio Cromartie. Yes, quite the specimen, but definitely quite possibly one of the worst cornerbacks in the league. It’s not just that he cannot cover a soul, but it really has to do with the possibility that he is a professional defensive football player that does not like to tackle. It’s disgusting. Way worse then anyone to ever play the game including Deion because at least Deion was the best cover corner ever. Cromartie will never be that guy and is an ultimate bust. The best thing the Chargers did with that guy was they got some other team to give up anything for that waste of athleticism.

Next stop the Oakland Raiders. This is too easy and the ultimate slap in the face; it was a disgusting, gross misuse of a brain and was last year’s second round pick, Mike Mitchell, University of Ohio. No, this is not a typo and no, I’m not shocked you don’t remember him. One of my favorite quotes after this pick was this, “Another player Oakland had high on their draft board. Many suggested that he was a second day pick at best, or an un-drafted free agent candidate at the time of the selection.” That means that there were teams that weren’t considering giving this guy a chance to play at all. Oakland could have waited until the end of the draft, possibly a week later and given him a call offering a contract to attend rookie camp and they still would have had him. Rumor was his 40 time is the reason Oakland reached for this spectacular athlete. Also, the need to throw out the fact that they passed on Michael Crabtree for Derrius Heyward-Bey is ranked number 2 on crazy dumb shit calls. Go Raiders!

So who will make the next spectacular blunder while guaranteeing that the human being that can run faster than a car will be a solid football player? Crazy idea, instead of stretching for these athletic pussies why not get the crazy head case that will run into the car. At least that guy is guaranteed to play football, or here’s a crazy idea, why not just pick up the guy who has led the nation in tackles for the past three years or the guy who has shown on a consistent basis to succeed on the field without throwing bottles in a club? Or you know here’s a thought –  pop in the tape, watch some film and just pick an individual that plays football at a high level of consistently. Not some asshole that runs fast but is scared of his own shadow.  TheTruth@RollinSD.com you want me to comment on a topic?  Send me your thoughts.

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