The New Facebook Break Up Notifier

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The internet is an amazing thing and more and more cool applications are coming out daily.  Facebook is a social site and I’m sure people use it to try to date or pick up on others.  Well, if that’s why you are on facebook, because of secret crushes on past high school sweethearts or maybe a Rollin Hottie,  you need to download this application. This will notify you whenever someone you have that crush on has changed their status.   The best part of this is, the person you are looking at, will not know you are doing it. How great is this??  So, all you ladies out there can now add me to your list.  When my status is changed,  please feel free to send  me hot, sexy photos of yourself.

Enjoy this one people, and share with your friends and make sure you follow RollinSD on Facebook.  Follow here – RollinSD


Facebook Break Up Notifier Here

John is a badass motha fucka

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