The Natives Twilight Show At The Yard

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The Natives are rocking downtown on April 29th at 39 17th St. at The Yard. They are gonna be coming in hot with the show starting at 5:45 pm.
The Natives will be getting down in the twilight with San Diego legends “Brian Congrejo and the Handsome 5. Than like hammer man banging out another sky scraper we got CameraGunn coming on with the power. The show will be BYOB and we are calling upon the party people of San Diego to get out and rock out at The Yard. Waring States of Mind will be blowing your mind at around 7:30pm. Vaude Villian might be the next band and they are playing for the inspiration they want you to feel it. Than around 9pm San Diego’s own The Natives will be rocking hard for the people. Come out and rock the night at The Yard for the waining light. It’s only $5 and is at 39 17th St.  Get your asses down there and check them out.  I promise you that you will have a great time. ~Paul Angelo

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