The Mask 3 Starring Kobe Bryant

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Ok I will admit, I didn’t read any of this article. I figured out what it was all about just by looking at the photos.  Jim Carrey is not available to star in the next Mask movie so they have asked Kobe Bryant to take the role and these must be the PR photos.

Now – if you really want to see someone who is  full of themselves  click over to Kobe Bryant in an all-white fashion photo shoot.   I apologize in advance for all damage to your retinas.

I know he is a great baskeball player and seems like he has some style, but what the hell is with these photos??  I first thought it was a joke and then realized this guy if for real.  Kobe, stick with making 18 foot jumpers with no time on the clock and stay out of the fashion industry.  If you do happen to stay in the fashion industry please tell the people who dress you that they suck.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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