The Harlem Globetrotter of College Football

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It’s like the football version of playing H-O-R-S-E.  UConn 3rd string QB  Johnny McEntee can place a ball where ever he wants to.  This guy’s our 3rd String player?  Did I get that right?  Any one of these tosses would be worthy of an internet clip on their own.  Looks like this guy just got bored one afternoon and leafed through a Guinness Book of World Records to see what record he wanted to break that day. I have seen many pool trick shots, have seen many videos on the internet of soccer players kicking the ball and doing amazing things and think the are fake.  I have also seen the trick basketball shots made from basically the moon and they are also fake. This video here looks to be real and better yet it is from where I went to college.. UConn may have gotten their asses whipped in the Fiesta Bowl on New Years Day Oklahoma, but let’s see any QB in the nation do this.

I’d be so out of place at the new UConn.  In the 80s my talents were at most coordinating happy hour specials so I could get bombed off eight bucks.  I was also pretty good at detecting a girl’s sweet spot of the drinking cycle – that magic moment when she’s drunk and devoid of judgment, but not head spinning/about to puke.  That precise window of opportunity.  I was a dzen master at finding those darlings (usually about a half hour before last call) and charming them into two hours of dorm room 80s romance bliss.  But these kids today.  They don’t risk trying to get fake ID’s, they don’t know any drinking games, the bars are quiet during the week – even that dorm is not even referred to as “The Jungle” anymore (now it’s North Campus).  That school used to be the sixth seed on Playboy’s Best Party School list, but it looks like even when the students recreate – the craziest they get is throwing a football into a garbage can.

I mean God bless them in a way, because now when employers see University of Connecticut on my resume, they think I’m an academic.  Gen Y did that for me.  But somehow I’m a little sad that a kid going to college today miss out on nickel nights, streaking after an NIT win, going to Ted’s for breakfast and ending up staying there to last call, getting handy – j’s in the PB 36 during a lecture, piling into a VW with 5 guys and going to Montreal just because Tuesdays were boring, punching a full fish tank, pulling a couch and tv into the quad to meet all the cute girls from going to class.  (I’ve got others but my girlfriend may read this)  Again, impressed with the kid’s laser-accurate arm.  But he must have spent a lot of time – a LOT of time throwing the pigskin through a tire in his backyard to be able to do that, versus the guys of my time, who practiced until they could drop a quarter from his nose into a shot glass wedged between the second floor RA’s double D cups. ~ UConn Dude

John is a badass motha fucka

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