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Rollers, please welcome Xtra Butter.  Our movie fanatic be doing a weekly movie review for all of you so you know what movies are a must see and what movies to stay away from.  He will be doing many new releases but he has also promised to go back into his archives and review moves that he has loved or hated in years passed.  I hope you like his unbiased opinion as much as I do.  If you have a movie you would like to hear his opinion on, please email me and I will make sure he covers it.

Hangover 2

Directed by: Todd Phillips

3.5 stars: “Better than the average movie, but not smarter than any masterpiece.”

This film lives up to the old saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. For those of you that enjoyed the first Hangover, this comes as another dose of the same chaos.

But for me, this sequel definitely pushes the comedic limits of the audience with dick swinging tranny strip clubs, and more male full-frontal nudity than I care to see for one flick. Trust me fellas when I tell you this was a borderline horror movie for me. Then again, for all of its head turning nastiness, the heavy dose of raunchy comedy was still hilarious.

Another thing I was not crazy about is that the movie ends up playing out more like a remake than a sequel. The layout of the movie is EXACTLY the same as the first one! Given the fact the characters are now in a new location and under different circumstances; the plot and structure of the film was not changed one bit. The guys pass out, wake up, don’t remember what happened and now someone is missing….REALLY??AGAIN???  It’s almost like they took the script from the first movie and just took out some details and added new dialogue.

Mike Tyson even makes another cameo, which was unneeded and felt out of place. Through most of the film I already knew what to expect since I’ve seen the first installment. It seems as though the writers lacked the comedic creative juices to think of something original, which is what made the first Hangover such a great movie.

Then again, Zach Galifianakis who plays the dumb witted Alan, is again the crucial part to the “wolf-pack” comedy. He has great comedic timing, and makes you laugh when he literally just stands there and stares at the camera. You have to wonder what a conversation would be like with this guy in real life. Bradley Cooper’s character Phil seems more whinny in this movie, but he still provides good laughs. The main character in the “wolf-pack” for this film was Ed Helms’s character Stu. He is due to get married to the smoking hot Asian model turned actress Jaime Chung (Sucker Punch and Grown-Ups) in Thailand. Another bachelor party means another unforgettable, or in this case, forgettable night.

In all if you’re a fan of the first one, you’ll probably find this “remake” funny as well. ~Xtra Butter

1 Star: “I wouldn’t watch that movie again if it was free and across the street!”

1.5 Stars: “Was this a student film?”

2 Stars: “Sorry, I was sleeping. Did I miss the movie?”

2.5 stars: “At least my popcorn was comped.”

3 stars:  “If you’ve seen any other movie, you’ve seen this one.”

3.5 stars: “Better than the average movie, but not smarter than any masterpiece.”

4 stars: “My 3D glasses were on the whole time! Nice!”

4.5 stars: “If only that guy didn’t die at the end! But DAMN that was a good movie!”

5 stars: “Wow! Damn! That was a movie! ENCORE!”

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