The Gratitude Campaign

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I am a huge supporter of our Military even if I don’t always agree with why we are doing what we are. Over the summer, I took my family back east over the summer and there was an 18 yr old flying from SD to North Carolina to go serve on duty. This kid barely had hair on his face and he was going to protect our country and fight for our freedom.  When we were in the airport that same trip, I made my boys go up, shake hands and say thank you to any military personnel we saw.

My boys kept asking why and I explained that we can do what we do everyday because of what these men and women do for us.  They didn’t like it at first….. I will admit, it is tough to do at first.  So, watch this video.  If you can’t find it in you to walk up and say thanks and shake their hand then do this.  I have talked to friends in the Military and they said just doing this means more than you know, so please anytime you see one of our heroes please take a few seconds and show your appreciatoin.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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