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Amongst San Diego Charger fans, once talk of the team starts you will find many who are uncomfortable with Philip Rivers as the quarterback. They look for any and all holes in his resume and then talk about how he does not quite fit the mold of what they see as a top quarterback in the NFL, contrary to all the statistic that prove otherwise. The biggest argument that has validity is that he has not won a Superbowl and therefore is not an elite quarterback. That is true, he has not accomplished that. Others cringe when he throws the ball, claiming his throwing motion (that of a two-time Pro-Bowler) needs to be fixed. Mainly what makes the weak-minded Charger fans uncomfortable is his incessant trash talking.

Trash talking is not what proper gentlemen do as they are above that. The competitors in ballroom dancing are very polite and cordial to one another and surely follow along all guidelines to ensure that everyone has a pleasurable time as they compete. In the world of the NFL, this is not the reality. Grown men packed with muscle and fueled by red meat engage in lively banter as they see fit on the playing field. Most of it is not what people call “family friendly”. To these men, they might as well be in the men’s urinal or at a bar with other male friends when they are having these conversations on the field; or even for that matter any court of any sport. These words are not meant for children, they are intended for one audience, the opposing player they are directed at.

For people who have never competed in any contact sport at a high level, it is hard to understand the necessity for such talk. There is truth in that. It is not a necessary part of the game and there are plenty of players who do not partake. However there are plenty of players, likely the majority, that do. It allows them to be more engaged in the action going on and, as is probably the case for Rivers, allows them to access a means of gaining an edge against his opponent. If someone talking trash towards you makes you uncomfortable, then you are probably the person who finds it hard to support Rivers as the quarterback of the Chargers. You are also probably someone who winds up working to tune out the trash talk going on when you have played sports because it interferes with your focus. You would be the target of Philip Rivers, and once he is inside your head, he has won.

Elite quarterbacks are hard to find. Arguably, there are only three teams out there who wouldn’t give up their current quarterback for Philip Rivers (Indianapolis, New England, and New Orleans). Charger fans are quick to forget all of the tough times they have been through in finding an NFL-caliber quarterback. It even took Drew Brees quite some time to become the quarterback he is now. In many ways, although not all, Rivers is his equal. Chargers fans trudged through the Ryan Leaf debacle, Moses Moreno, and Craig Whelihan among others. The sign of a good quarterback is to look at what he can do to elevate the game of those around him. I am sure Seyi Ajirotutu is talented, but he is not experienced nor a top shelf wide receiver.

It is common for any San Diego “fan” to criticize with whatever reason they can dig up. This is not a sign of a real fan. A real fan does not tolerate the criticism of Rivers and instead focuses on support of the team and the players. Fair-weather fan is a term that must have originated in San Diego because of the abundance of good weather. A real fan backs the team, and Rivers, regardless of whether it’s stormy or hot weather. The guy is a leader and gamer and when he is talking trash he is playing his game. Check the statistics on the guy and you can see how competitive he has helped make the team. Also compare him to other successful quarterbacks throughout the league and you will find many similarities. However, don’t forget to stop and appreciate the quality of his game while you can, Chargers fans, because there will come a time when you are looking for a quarterback again in the future. -Ryan Young

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