The Epitome Of A Clutch Shot

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SDSU has bounced back and DJ Gay has learned how to come through in the clutch. After destroying Wyoming 96-57 and setting a conference record for largest point margin, the Aztecs ventured into thin air to face the third place Colorado State Rams. The Rams are having one of their strongest seasons in a long time and their fans were ready for an upset. In the game’s final twenty five seconds, the Rams showed their patience and found Travis Franklin underneath the basket for a bank shot to tie the game. With only ten seconds on the clock the Aztecs needed someone to put the game on his shoulder and shut the Colorado fans up.
San Diegan native, Malcolm Thomas inbounded the ball to point guard DJ Gay. He grabbed the rock with authority and knew he was about to put this game away. He sprinted up the court and evaluated the defenses coverage. He lowered his shoulder,drove and then stepped back. Then with the separation he tried to beat his man backdoor. He drove the ball, then pulled up, stepped back and drained the fade-away jumper for a game-wining swish. Gay’s game ending possession was smooth, composed, and executed like a veteran. The confidence of a champion exists within Gay he just has to believe it himself. He may not be the teams star but he is carrying this team with his will power and determination. Although he easily could have missed that shot, there is a undeniable confidence that Gay exudes in the game’s final drive. He just looks automatic, like he knows he is going to find a way to win that game.
In my last Aztecs article, I commented that Gay needs to work less on rushing to find the open shots. Well I would like to retract that statement. When DJ knows in his heart that he will drain it, he should shoot those open shots. The games highlight video is posted and it is awesome, especially the last forty seconds.
In retrospect, there is a strong rivalry between all the Colorado teams and all the San Diego teams. Lately, they must hate us here in San Diego. On the other hand, Colorado has stung us pretty bad in the past as well. Look at the press guy at 1:57 mark in the video. It’s pleasing to see that we are not the only side of the rivalry that feels the pain of a defeat. DJ Gay and Steve Fisher thanks for the 56-54 victory, now go take this team to the promised land and make San Diego proud. By Tony Fantano

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