The Dumbest Invention Ever

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This is the dumbest invention in the world, but has a great advertisement.  After watching the video you may actually think to yourself that this could be very useful.  OK, before making any stupid buying decisions stop and think.  Would your wife or girl ever do this to you (take out the birthday part)?   If you answered yes.  Then think, would she need to have voice box to call you up?  Wouldn’t you see the clothes and candles and get the idea?  This is a total bait and switch commercial and I think this product was created by a women. I can just see it now in my house. I would never be able to escape from being asked,  Did you cut the grass yet? Are the taxes done?,  Don’t you think a new gate would be nice on the fence?, Don’t be making a mess down there and the list goes on and on.   It is bad enough having a cell and being able to be reached where ever you are, but his would just be out of control.  It would be like a bad dream.  So guys this might look like a cool little thing to have but just think before letting your wife knows one of these even exist.  I can see all the Scripps Ranch wife’s buying these for their husbands for their birthday or Christmas. Better yet, want to mess with one of you buddies?  Buy him one for his birthday. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com I do like the idea of my wife doing this to me though without the gathering in my bedroom. I would have been totally naked and ready to poke her eye out.

John is a badass motha fucka

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