The Coolest New Sport- 2011 Ghetto Olympics

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I thought I have seen it all.  Remember the Bum Fights years ago?  Sucks they got shut down.  I have heard of midget bowling also and was promised years ago that this party we were going to was going to have midget bowling.  Typical of my boy Mario to make up a story like that, but he always makes shit up.  So no more bum fightss fighting and now midget bowling but we do have the Crackhead Toss to look forward to. I hope these guys continue to entertain us weekly with new tosses and maybe add in a few obstacles.   Make it like the NFL Combines.  Instead of seeing how high someone can jump, they can see how high they can toss the crackhead.  Instead of hitting the sleds and pushing them, they can run 20 yards with the crackhead over their shoulder and then see how far they can toss them.  Who can come up with others?  RollinSD will be covering Extreme Midget Wrestling at the Ramona Mainstage on May 14th.. who wants to join us. I now have to convince my kids to go and I know they are going to be freaked out.  Buy your tickets now  Extreme Midget Wrestling TMTMTL@RollinSD.com  Check out the teeth on the winner. I wouldn’t have the balls to say something to him as he might toss me 15 ft.

John is a badass motha fucka

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